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Created a few pages…

Created the first few pages on the “Automation Journey” part of the site, so far more of the general theory and concepts rather than specific to the project examples. Beginning to think that this is a great platform for general “personal” document that you can carry forward with you….

Might create some other testing sites for aspects other than automation.



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I have been involved with software development and testing for over >20 years. During this time I have been involved with automation in a passive level – i.e. automation was “there” and part of the testing strategy. I was able to talk theory, concepts, and strategy, but wasn’t in the weeds so to speak.

In 2021 I started to get more involved in some automation and in particular use of a tool called Katalon Studio. This automation initially started as more back end automation (APIs and message integration), and was based on a framework consisting of a few keywords and functions which essentially could be re-used (more on this on a page coming soon).

This page is to try and document this journey in some capacity for future reference (for myself and others). Intended to capture some good practice as well as guides using aspects of Katalon Studio.